How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

Seems no matter how hard we try, sometimes we get hurt simply tending to our daily business or socializing with our friends, relatives, and associates.

Fortunately, most of us sustain only minor dings and bumps most of the time. Unfortunately, other times we get pretty beat up. May need medical attention. Prescriptions. May miss days at work. May have to cancel the anniversary cruise already bought and paid for.

Those minor injuries may be just a message that we need to slow down, pay a little more attention to what we’re doing. Those bigger ones, though, may have been avoidable.

It’s those bigger, possibly avoidable, injuries that make us want to contact a personal injury attorney for advice.

Those annoying little paper cuts at work are nothing to complain about, really. But when you trip over the extension cord strung across the hallway (again) and tumble into the boxes ready for shipping that are blocking the doorway to your office (again) and crash through the plate glass window while trying to break your fall, it’s unlikely that injury is minor but it certainly was avoidable.

After a spill like this one, a call to a personal injury attorney may help you recover expenses, damages, and lost wages. Might even secure your job if your boss is blaming you for being clumsy or faking the severity of the injuries.

Don’t pick up the phone and dial your nearest personal injury attorney just because the old lady in the checkout line behind you accidentally butted her cart against your ankles. Instead forgive her, smile, and strike up a conversation. She was probably just looking for somebody nice to talk to anyway.

If, however, you are in the dairy aisle and (again) the floor is wet and slimy from the eggs left broken and strewn about and (again) there are sticky ice cream drips all over the floor near the (again) sloppy, drippy milk display and you’ve called for clean up but (again) no one comes so you turn around to find yourself another, cleaner, store to buy dinner goods from and you trip over the mop bucket that’s just hanging out but doing nothing, and you end up splayed on the floor, face down, with your once half-filled grocery basket on top of you, two things might come to mind.

Number one, you might marvel that this nasty place actually has a mop bucket in the first place and then you might want to talk to a personal injury attorney.

Visiting relatives for the holidays? Brother-in-law asks you to light the BBQ pit, you comply, and it engulfs you in flames? Perhaps that brother-in-law should have told you he “seasoned” the charcoal with a little gasoline before adding the appropriate fire-starting fluid. Even though you understand his concern with getting the burgers cooking sooner (kids are getting restless, you know), it might be a good time to contact a personal injury attorney. Just for some friendly advice.

Sometimes we are too quick to run to a personal injury attorney for counseling but, in other circumstances, it’s just a wise investment of our time. Most personal injury attorneys will supply an initial consultation at minimal cost and it’s never a bad thing to do a little legal research.