How to Separate the Good Personal Injury Lawyers From the Bad

When a person becomes ill or injured as a result of the alleged negligence or inappropriate behavior of another, a personal injury lawyer is often called upon to represent one of the two parties in dispute.

In many cases, a personal injury lawyer represents one of two individuals. As an example, one neighbor may file suit against another when one neighbor neglects to keep his trees safely trimmed and an unwieldy limb breaks off, falls into the neighbor’s yard, and injures someone in the process.

In a case such as this, the injured neighbor may hire a personal injury lawyer in an effort to recover medical expenses incurred, as well as income lost due to being unable to work because of the injury.

Personal injury lawyers are often a part of the legal proceedings between two parties when someone gets hurt in an automobile accident. The personal injury lawyer may represent the injured party but may also represent the driver of the vehicle that is determined to be at fault.

When an automobile accident is involved, the personal injury lawyer for the defense may represent the auto insurance company of the driver deemed at fault or may represent the driver him- or herself if he or she was driving without adequate insurance coverage.

A personal injury lawyer may be needed to recover losses when a corporation or similar entity is identified as the offending party. In many such cases, the corporation will hire personal injury lawyers to represent their interests, too.

Whenever someone is injured in a hotel, store, or other public place, the injured party will need the services of a personal injury lawyer to represent them in court in order to get reimbursement for any medical expenses paid and for lost wages and other expenses that resulted from the injury.

Depending upon the size of the law firm and the population density of the area served, a personal injury lawyer may represent anyone claiming injury or may specialize in specific cases.

When specializing, a personal injury lawyer may focus on the medical profession, automobile accidents, property rights, or any number of sub-specialties within the profession.