How to Easily Find a Power of Attorney Form

In certain business issues, a verbal power of attorney is enough to accomplish a specific mission. This verbal agreement gives one party the authority to act on the behalf of another, usually for a specific situation.

In other situations, however, a written document, such as a power of attorney form, is required to render the contract legally binding.

A power of attorney form is often available to anyone seeking advice from a lawyer. Many workbooks and textbooks pertaining to law have blank forms, too. There are also a number of internet websites that offer legal documents, including the power of attorney form, available for purchase and downloading.

Before completing a power of attorney form, it is advisable to understand that the document is important, will stand in a court of law in case of dispute in the future, and binds both parties (the principal and the agent) to the terms and conditions specified within the document.

Since the power of attorney form conveys such significance, it is important to understand that there are several kinds of power of attorney and that some of them are more appropriate than others, depending upon the situation.

When the need for the power of attorney form covers only a specific action or period of time, it is important to state these details clearly on the document. In addition to naming an agent to function on behalf of the principal, it is important to say what the agent is authorized to do and when it is permissible.

The power of attorney form must describe the durability of the agreement. Most powers of attorney become null and void upon the death of the principal or when and if the principal becomes mentally and/or physically unable to grant such authority. A durable power of attorney continues in effect even after the principal becomes incapacitated.

When the authority of the agent goes into effect only once the principal becomes incapacitated, the power of attorney form must indicate this stipulation. This is called a springing power of attorney as it is ineffective while the principal is healthy and only springs into effect when disability is present.

Even though it is relatively easy to gain access to a power of attorney form, a great deal of thought and consideration is in order before filing the document.