Power of Attorney Forms for any State in the US

Power of attorney forms can be obtained from several sources. They’re available from many lawyers’ offices, legal aid offices, law schools, and textbooks. They’re even available on the internet.

Even though these forms are readily available, they convey great power and should be handled with knowledge and understanding of the legal system.

It is especially important when downloading power of attorney forms from the internet to know the legal requirements of the state in which the form is to be executed. Although similar and usually recognized nationally, each state has its own legal system that must be followed.

In some situations a third party requires copies the power of attorney forms before the third party can accept the authorization granted by the documents. This is especially important in the medical field, where most medical practitioners will require an original document before acting on the power granted in the agreement.

In other cases, a copy of the power of attorney forms is acceptable, although it’s likely they will need to be notarized before acceptance.

In still other cases, power of attorney forms are not necessary although they are almost always a wise idea.

One case where documentation isn’t necessarily required is when one person asks another to represent him or her in a buying or selling transaction. The potential buyer or seller may not feel confident enough to negotiate the transaction and may ask a more qualified party to act as agent.

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When completing power of attorney forms, it is always advisable to indicate a specific start date and end date of the authority granted to the agent. Even with the active dates clearly indicated on the documents, it is the principal’s responsibility to notify all involved third parties that the authorization has expired. To fail to do so puts the principal at risk for any actions the agent takes on the principal’s behalf, even after the power of attorney has been revoked or expires.

Completing power of attorney forms is a much more complicated mission than merely filling in the blanks. It is important that both parties understand the significance of the agreement and that it be documented in a manner that will withstand the scrutiny of the legal system.