How a Real Estate Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

Although most of us will never have need to consult a real estate attorney, they are a very important aspect of both the legal system and the real estate industry.

Almost everyone lives in a home of some sort for which we signed a contract to gain access. We may be renters signing a lease or homeowners with a title, deed, and mortgage. We may live in the family estate house, passed down through generations until it’s now our turn for the moment, only to pass it along to another generation when we move on.

Either way, the legal contracts employed to get us into these homes were developed, negotiated, drafted, perfected, and presented with the influence of a real estate attorney somewhere along the line.

We may have limited our personal involvement to that of a leasing agent or a real estate sales agent or broker but we sealed the deal with a written contract. All real estate contracts are written to withstand even the toughest legal scrutiny so as to minimize any disputes over issues such as ownership, use, and investment value.

And some of us have real estate dealings that reach far beyond the castle we call home. We may be investors or developers who consult, even employ, a real estate attorney whenever negotiating our latest acquisition or sale.

All government entities rely on the advice of a real estate attorney to help determine the most advantageous use of the public lands within the entity’s jurisdiction. There are often real estate attorneys on the payrolls of these agencies, whether they are city, county, state, or federal real estate holdings.

A real estate attorney was probably involved in most major commercial property transactions, too. You may be considering building your own shopping mall, opening a store in one, or just renting a kiosk to sell sunglasses in the common area but you can be sure a real estate attorney has been on the job to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for all, including the happy shoppers we all hope to see.

Most of us will have to abandon dreams of amassing wealth in the real estate industry, like Donald Trump. We’ll have no towers, planes, or golf courses with our names on them. The good thing about that is that we won’t have to pay all those real estate attorneys necessary to live like The Donald, either.

Regardless of who we are and where we live, it took a real estate attorney to get us into our own home sweet home.